Roofing systems come in many shapes and sizes. Homeowners design and style them according to their personal aesthetic, design functionality, and protection from the elements.

The design element that we’ll be looking at today is the roof overhang. The roof overhang is the part of the roof that extends beyond the siding of your home. While roof overhangs are pretty standard, many do not know their functionality and why they’re installed.


Keep reading as we unpack the functionality and benefits of a roof overhang.


Rain and Snow Protection

The roof overhang protects your windows, doorways, and the area directly underneath the overhang from the downpour of snow, rain, and hail.

This protection can prevent wooden window frames and doors from rotting and prevents mold and mildew from growing on your walkways, windowsills, and walls.


Dry Basement and Foundation

By protecting the area directly around your home from the penetration of snow, rain, and hail, you’re also able to prevent water from seeping into your basement or foundation.

Basements and foundations are prone to mold growth due to their dark and warm environments. By keeping these areas dry, they’ll remain in good working condition for years to come.


Light Installations

A roof overhang allows homeowners to install lighting installations that beautifully illuminate the home. During the nighttime or when the weather may be less than favorable, these light installations are a great way to guide you to your doorstep or any area around your home. They’re also a fantastic structure on which to hang your Christmas lights.



Roof overhangs perfectly shade your home from the intense heat and light of the sun. This shade, in turn, makes your home significantly cooler, thus helping you save on your energy bills.

Materials also deteriorate faster when overexposed to UV rays. Therefore, you can protect your furniture and decor from the sun with an excellent roof overhang fixture.

For more information on roof overhangs or any other roofing inquiries, do not hesitate to call Advantage Remodeling today!

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